How to Begin Mountain Bike and Choose The Good Accompanying One?

Riding on the bike over many terrains is always interesting to experience. Do you enjoy the feeling of rolling on the rock, climbing on the hill and sliding down the steep sections?

Mountain biking is a healthy and adventurous activity for many people

Mountain biking is a healthy and adventurous activity for many people

Regardless of your ultimate goal which is to become a professional racer or simply passionate about rugged mountain routes, you shall have to start with some basic steps.

Whether you ride a mountain bike to exercise or just to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, good biking skills and trails will make the experience on the road better. So, Just Not Sports will help you find out how to improve your mountain biking here.


Two important things to prepare

Mountain Bike

You biking conquer is so challenging. So, you need to check and take maintenance methods for your bike. How to get a proper bike our riding on mountain terrains?

Choose the mountain bike with the proper size

When you drive a bike which has a suitable height in matching with your body and the length of your leg, it shall help you much in all difficult situations.

In contrast, if it doesn’t fit well with you, you shall not have a comfortable feeling. Come to the bike shop and ask them to choose a bike in conforming to your specific body shape.

Choose the proper type of bike

The rigid bike makes you get difficulties in making transition riding, but they fail to offer to cushion effect

Hardtail bikes are suitable for almost beginners who get problems in solving the situation in difficult terrains. Thus, they have a suspension fork installed in the front wheel.

Full suspension bikes: this type is the most expensive mountain bike. They consist of the suspension in both front and back wheel. This makes them become the most effective and easiest bike to ride in all difficult sections.

Base on your need and preference, you can investigate the properties of your mountain trails and then invest a proper mountain bike. Remind that it’s no use in spending too much money on a famous new bike if you don’t need and enjoy.  

2. Protection equipment

You should choose a helmet which fits you properly, Finding the best mountain bike helmet at . This is considered as the priority for you when cycle. Your vision shall not be affected and your helmet shall not pull down into your ears when mountaining if it fits you snugly.

Besides, you should take gloves, shin guards, water bottles and arm braces with you when starting to mountain bike.

How to start riding mountain bike? Follow the great tips below!

Here are six tips from experts of Just Not Sports.

1. Keep pace with each step

If you put too much effort into it at the beginning paces, you will be exhausted and slow down. Keep your breath deep and comfortable. Heart rate should be below the limit when starting to climb the mountain on a bike.

Once you catch the pace, gradually increase your effort until you reach the limit. The last 200 meters is the right time to maximize your effort. If you start your journey smartly, you will have enough energy to end the journey vigorously.

2. Sit mostly

Unless you are a Spanish climber, you should sit on the saddle during your climb. About 5% of energy will be consumed more if you tiptoe or stand while climbing compared to when you sit to ride a bike.

Stand only when your body needs to change to rest from a sitting position or when you have to accelerate.

Also, when you stand and bring your butt back to the saddle, the weight from your back and thighs builds up on your elbow. This weight transfers heavily pressure on the front tire and loses traction at the rear tire.

3. Loosen the upper part of your body

Your whole upper body must be relaxed, so you don’t waste energy. The good sign for our body to relax is that the elbows are slightly bent.

“Your elbows should lie outside your joints,” says bicycling site expert – “This allows you to relax. If your elbows are near the muscle of the armpit and your shoulder muscles stretch, your breathing can be affected”.

Keep your elbow slightly bend when cycling

Keep your elbow slightly bend when cycling

4. Use the right gear

According to Just Not Sports, Mountain bikes often have multiple gear levels for you to choose to suit the style and type of terrain you run. Small gears are suitable for continuous pedaling and less force.

However, most people prefer to use large gears with the aim of reducing speed and keeping the pace comfortably. Try to keep the average pace over 70 rpm.

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5. Increase capacity and weight index

Production of capacity is based on body weight, which is the key to successful cycling. You should reduce your weight and practice regularly with increasing levels for improved heart rate. By the time, pedal strength will also be more durable.

Breathing deeply and filling your lungs with oxygen will help you stay calm

Breathing deeply and filling your lungs with oxygen will help you stay calm

6. Deep breathe

Drivers often use only the upper half of the lungs, and they gasp when climbing the mountain. This causes your body’s muscles to receive limited oxygen.

The expert’s advice, in this case, is “Breathing deeply and filling your lungs with oxygen will help you stay calm under the pressure of steep climb.”

How to choose your mountain bike?

1. What’s my budget?

A good mountain bike should be priced at from $500: the higher price the bike costs, the better performance and quality it possesses.

Note: you should find the bike with light, hydraulic and strong disc brakes and carbon components, for example, seat posts, cranks and handlebars.

2. Where should you ride it?

Your bike shall accompany with you in many terrains. Thus, your bike is worth riding when you prepare the plan before practice. Normally, people often choose the familiar mountain routes. However, if you well prepare, you can try remote mountains.

3. Can you try a test ride?

The answer is “Yes, you can”.

Many bike shops offer the program to try cycling. You only need take out a potential bike you like and keep your eyes out in your try in some days or weeks.

Then, you shall pay an amount of fee or deposit to try, and this amount shall be deducted when you buy it.

You’d better try out a few different mountain bikes to get different feels and then make the decision.

Final thoughts

Mountain bike is an adventurous for many riders but it is very exciting. Be sure that you check your bike and take necessary water and food before joining in any mountain bike races.

Just Not Sports hope that the advice of mountain bike start in the article can help you finish the ride with good achievements.

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