Running On Treadmill Vs Outside: Which One Is Perfect For You?

Let solve all questions about running on a treadmill and outside and make the final choice with our analysis below.

New Year is the time when people set their own goals, one of the most popular goals is weight loss. When it comes to this issue, the simplest, most convenient and least expensive method is running. In addition to helping to lose weight, it also makes the body healthy and muscular, and the cardiovascular system will also improve.

Running On Treadmill Vs Outside

Running On Treadmill Vs Outside: Which’s better?

However, there are two different opinions when it comes to running: running outdoors and running in the room with a treadmill. These two methods all have their own advantages and disadvantages. So which one is more optimal for us? This article will analyze the differences between these two forms of exercise.

Energy Burned

Which one will burn more energy: running on the treadmill or outside? Outdoor supporters all say that they use more energy because they have to endure wind resistance, which is impossible to run with the treadmill. However, people who often run on treadmill think that this is not entirely true.

An experiment by Professor Andrew Jones from the University of Exeter (UK) showed that people running on the treadmill could achieve comparable energy burns by running outdoors by increasing the slope of the conveyor belt by 1% on the same distance. Besides, puffing your chest a bit can also help you to get this.



When running on the treadmill, running speed will usually be slower than you think. In other words, treadmill-run people often run at a slower pace if they run outdoors. A study conducted in Singapore demonstrated this. It shows that when running on the treadmill, the runner will not see the surroundings change to feel his or her true speed.

Therefore, usually running outdoors will make us run faster and use more energy.

Mechanical Stride

According to Irene Davis, professor of Harvard Medical School’s Physical and Rehabilitation Department, from the perspective of the mechanical stride, there is not much difference between running on the treadmill and running outdoors. She thinks that although you feel a lot of difference, the movement of your feet and the impact on your body are very similar between these two running methods.




Of course, with running in the room, we will not encounter accidents from outside agents such as falling branches, banana peels, etc. But apart from that, which kind of run is safer in terms of how to practice?

When running on the treadmill, we’re like the experimental mouse that runs on wheels: doing a repetitive task continuously. By running every 1.6 km on the treadmill, our feet will land about 1000 times. This can cause knee or ligaments injury or degeneration, especially when we run at the same speed over a long distance. To prevent this, we should not run at a single speed, but adjust the speed continuously, and adjust the slope if your treadmill has this function.

In the form of outdoor running, our running speed will change according to the steps that touch the ground. So we will never achieve the same speed as running on a treadmill. Moreover, the running surface will also be very different, such as dirt roads, asphalt roads, gravel roads, etc. Studies show that the change in speed and running surface will make the ligament and different muscle groups strong, and the body will have better balance.

However, falling on the road may be much more painful than falling on the treadmill, so be more careful when running outdoors.

The Interest

There is an obvious fact that if we run outdoors, we will be exposed to natural landscapes, trees and flowers, and more people. Scientists have proven that running outdoors, especially in forests, will make us feel positive, reduce stress and depression, and increase energy in the body.

Moreover, research shows that people who exercise outdoors say that they prefer this type of exercise rather than practicing with the treadmill and they will most likely maintain outdoor practice for a long time.

Another benefit you can get when practicing outdoors is that the exposure to sunlight source which helps your body to produce vitamin D.


It seems that running outdoors has a superior advantage compared to running on a treadmill. It helps maximize the benefits of the practice. However, when you cannot go out due to not having much free time or rainy or too cold weather, the treadmill is a useful solution. Choose a form that best suits your needs and time. If possible, it is best to combine these two practices to get the best results. But when you run on the treadmill, remember to regularly change the speed and slope to protect your knee joints.

The above is our specific analysis of running on the treadmill and running outdoors. You must now have the best overview of them and made your choices. Whichever way you run, you are gradually improving your health.

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